Josh Lee brought this contribution to our Burns Supper. It’s a song that he got ChatGPT to write for the occasion, with some cultivation and refinement from Josh through its prompts. Josh deliberately requested “David” Burns to see if ChatGPT would correct him. It did not.

The meter of the poem is in a traditional Burnsian style, using a combination of trochaic tetrameter and trimeter. This means that each line has eight syllables in the first half, and six syllables in the second half.

The Haggis Song

Verse 1:
Let’s raise a glass to the haggis,
That Scottish dish we all adore,
With sheep heart, liver, and lungs,
It’s a delicacy we can’t ignore.

Verse 2:
But let’s not forget the neeps and tatties,
The turnips and potatoes so grand,
Without them, the haggis would be lonely,
A dish without a helping hand.

So let’s sing and dance and toast,
To the haggis, our national dish,
We’ll eat and drink and be merry,
And raise a glass to Burns with a wish.

Verse 3:
But don’t take the haggis too seriously,
It’s just a tasty meal to enjoy,
We’ll laugh and sing and drink some more,
And let the good times never be destroyed.

Verse 4:
For Burns Night is a time for fun,
And not for solemnity,
So let’s raise a glass to the bard,
And to the haggis, our dear old buddy.

So here’s to the haggis, neeps, and tatties,
And to the bard, Robert Burns,
We’ll sing and dance and be merry,
On this night, where tradition turns.

Note: This poem is irreverent and humorous, but it’s important to remember that David Burns was a serious poet and his work should be respected. This poem should be seen as a playful tribute to Burns Night and not a serious work of poetry.