This is a non-alcoholic version of the Mutiny, one of the great cocktails by Mariano Licudine, the founding bartender of the Mai-Kai. I made it on one particular evening for two individuals of the underage persuasion, but it’s not oversweet and would, I think, delight any adult who wanted a zero-abv alternative.

Rich Honey

Rich honey is just a 2:1 honey-to-water syrup. Add one part water to two parts honey and heat it up enough to combine. It turns honey from an unmixable gloop into a well-behaved cocktail ingredient. Mariano Licudini was a particular fan of the rich honey ratio and used it in a lot of his creations at the Mai-Kai.


The syrups and spices are the only challenging ingredients to find here. BG Reynolds has good versions of the passionfruit syrup and fassionola, but I don’t think they have a current version of Don’s Spices #2. You might have to go ahead and make your own, which isn’t the end of the world.