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Bits are very short posts. Some day I'll probably give up apologizing for these and just include them in the primary posts stream. Someday.

  • Save directory-specific ls settings

    One of the nice things OS X does is retain way you sort individual directories. This helps the Downloads folder, in particular, which I always want sorted reverse chronologically by date modified so that I can see what I just downloaded at the top. I wanted my shell to do...

  • Make 'exit' detach from tmux rather than close a window

    I use tmux (formerly screen – goodbye, old friend) to keep multiple workflows open on my VPS. Too frequently, I’ll come back to my terminal window after working on something else and type “exit” to log off. But, wait! I hadn’t detached from my tmux session. Instead of logging off,...

  • Searching for something obvious? Use Google's I'm Feeling Lucky in Chrome's Omnibox

    Looking up ‘php strftime’ again? Skip a step by adding a shortcut to the first search result for Chrome’s omnibox. Then you can use a keyword like “l” to search for items that have obvious reference destinations. Bonus: Add a similar search engine with the keyword “m” to prefix your...

  • SSH Bookmarks

    I’ve always wanted some command-line ssh bookmarks for servers I have to access frequently. I know, I could just set up a bunch of aliases, but then I have to remember arbitrary names for every server I want to access. It turns out that you can use ~/.ssh/config to set...

  • Open new tabs in iTerm in the current directory

    It’s easy to tell iTerm to use the current directory (pwd) for any new tabs, which is what I want to happen 90% of the time I open a new tab. I can’t believe I waited this long to figure out how to do this. Change Preferences » Profiles »...

  • Prevent Orphans in Text with Jekyll (Liquid)

    Having orphaned words in titles is irritating and lame. I was pleased to find that it was relatively easy to insert an   entity in front of the final word in a string in Jekyll.

  • What is the difference between font & typeface?

    Every so often I’ll be out taking a walk and it occurs to me that I still haven’t figured out exactly what the difference is between the term font and the term typeface. I know they’re not the same. I know designers’ eyes roll back into their heads when the...

  • Preview Textile files from Vim

    Editing that README.textile for your Github project? Working on a new post in Jekyll? Textile for VIM lets those of us on OS X view a preview of the rendered file in a new browser tab with <leader>rp.

  • Fix indentation in Vim with =

    Want to correctly indent the line you’re on? == Want to do the whole file? gg=G This is particularly useful if you’ve recently been converted to two-space indentation for JavaScript files and all your files use four-space indentation. More info.

  • Invert the Screen Colors on Your Mac

    This weekend at the jQuery conference in Boston, an attendee informed Adam Sontag during his presentation with Rick Waldron that he could invert the screen colors on his mac to make the text more visible by pressing Control + Option + Command + 8 A handy thing to know for...

  • Open a Directory in Finder from Terminal

    Finder may not be the worst part of OS X, but it’s a contender. Regardless: you may sometimes wish to open your working directory in the command line in Finder. open .