Nate Eagle


It is fortunate that the satisfaction of go...

(Written after the 2016 US Go Congress in Boston.)

It is fortunate that the satisfaction of go
is not reliant on victory.
How horrible and how vain
if only half of go were glorious
as if only the rich and comfortable
and powerful and triumphant
could call their lives lived.
It is better that when a go game
is left soaked in blood
or tangled in novel intricacies,
with every twist speaking its own
furious desire to fight
or delicate preservation of balance,
the landscape that it leaves,
unique and ephemeral,
affirms the deep worth
of white and black together.

It is easiest to imagine peace in death
if it came during a game of go.
How effortless to say,
in standing up at last,
that this life was lived well.