Nate Eagle

Front-End Developer

Progress Updates

I’ve been getting a lot done on GoKibitz (goKibitz? gokibitz? Go Kibitz?) recently. You can see a preview of the move commenting feature above. That’s the whole reason I started doing this, really – I wanted to be able to have comments and discussions on individual moves in game records. There’s still tons of work to be done in terms of design (I’m using unmodified Bootstrap right now), but I’m pretty encouraged to have a working prototype.

WGo is also getting prettier. Jan Prokop, WGo’s creator, just added blurred shadows and improved stone rendering (including beautiful clamshell lines for white stones), and I added in resolution-doubling for Retina displays, so it doesn’t look fuzzy anymore on my Macbook.

I’m learning tons about Angular as I do this, and I’m happy to say I’m getting to the point where it’s at least as fun as it is consternating. Making my first custom directive, especially, was as satisfying as my first jQuery plugin.

But progress continues: it feels good to have five weeks of productivity going on this. It feels like it’s getting easier, the longer the chain gets.