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Tintin and Haddock Playing Go (English Translation)

One of my favorite recent go discoveries on the web is Go Go Igo!, a French Tumblr. It has a lot of game records from high-profile go matches, none of which I’ve ever opened, but it also has tons of go-related images from around the web. It doesn’t tend to have image sources, which is a shame, but the images themselves are great. Recently, they posted an image of page from Tintin in Tibet showing Tintin and Haddock playing go.

Tintin and Haddock Playing Go

My wife is a huge Tintin fan and owns most of the books, so I’ve read them all at one point or another, too. I was pretty thrilled to discover that there was a go reference in Tintin in Tibet (my wife’s favorite). Sadly, she quickly pulled out the book and showed me what the original panel looks like:

Tintin and Haddock Playing... Chess!


It’s pretty embarrassing that I was so easily fooled (especially since the go version has the text in Comic Sans), but I guess it shows that one is always ready to believe what one wants to believe.

But the reworked fan image is great, and I love the internal monologue the creator gave Haddock as he ponders the game’s position.

Here’s a quick English translation, since the French is simple:

But how could I get myself in such shit! And at six stones! Here, this is fucking… if I attack his moyo, I don’t make any points and he’ll chase me and I’m cooked, for sure!

This shape, here, is it solid? And if I play here first, what does that do? I play there, he plays there, here… yeah, that seems good. Protect the san-san? It’s not very active… I have to play globally! Then here, along the side, but the third or the fourth line? Hm… and it’s not very sente. Playing there is for the end game, too small… here?

…the cut there… hm, I have this threat to net here, and if he looks to get out here, I consolidate my position and make an enormous territory on this side and afterwards I can attack this damn moyo! Bravo! My dear Tintin, I ask you what will you say to this!

If anyone knows the original source for this image, please let me know.