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Tons of work to create something incredibly lame

A while ago, I contributed some money to the interesting “Play More Go!” campaign. They’ve released the second of the promotional spots, and I’m sad to say that not only aren’t they something I want to put out there to show people what’s interesting about go, I find them a little embarrassing.

Important note: I’m a bit embarrassed to be complaining about this at all. You know how much effort and enterprise it took to make these things? You know how much effort and enterprise I’ve shown in anything my entire life? But I’m doing it anyway because I’m an asshole.

They’re shockingly generic and if I had to sum up what they’ve communicated so far about go, it’d be: “Go. Cool, I guess? Fun to do while drinking wine?”

The stories seem like they were created by someone who had “Go: cool / fun” written on a yellow index card, actually.

And it depresses me, not because it’s so horrible to fail at something very difficult (you want me to write a better promo spot? umm, er…) but because it’s depressing how completely dependent all of the work of hiring actors, lighting sets, recording, and editing is on a good script. When I watch bad animated movies, for instance, my heart almost stops when I imagine the tens of thousands of man hours that were tossed down the hole of a half-baked, patronizing script.

Enough complaining. If you haven’t seen them already, check out the two spots and let me know what you think.

More than a Game – Play More Go!

What is it About? – Play More Go!


As I mentioned in a comment on this post, I showed these to my wife and she loved them. There are few people whose taste I share as much as I do hers, so I found this jarring.

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