Nate Eagle

Front-End Developer

Workshop game against a new little brother

Shifu announced on Sunday that we had a new little brother named Nathan who would be joining us who had just gone 5-0 at the Maryland open in the 4-6 kyu divison. (In Shifu’s group, all students are brothers and sisters: anyone who became a student before you is your older brother or sister, anyone who became a student after you is your little brother or sister.)

Happily, I was matched up against him in the afternoon. Shifu and Gurujeet said he liked to fight, which is great. Some of my best opponents (Diego, Ben) have fighting styles, and I looked forward to an exciting game.

We decided to make it an AGA ranked game, which meant it would be handicapped according to our official AGA ranks, even though neither is accurate. His is 5k, but he just went 5-0. Mine is 6k, but that’s because I haven’t been to a tournament in a year and a half. So Nathan played white with only a half-point komi.

As usual, after all of the games were finished, Shifu reviewed them with us. This record is constructed largely of my memory of Shifu’s comments, but also contains some of my own thoughts.

Nathan and I recorded the game after it was finished entirely from memory, which is surprisingly easy to do at this point when working with my opponent. (Nathan, who has presumably not practiced remembering games this way as much, was already great at it.) I remember when the idea of remembering a whole game afterward seemed mind-boggling. I was happy if I could get past move 12 when I started.

This marks my fifth win in a row at the group go lesson: I must say that it’s always a lot more pleasant to drive the hour it takes to get back to DC with a win under my belt than it is when there’s a loss sitting like a weight in my stomach.

Nathan said he hopes to come back next month, which would be great. I love the lessons at Shifu’s home, and my fellow students are a big part of what makes them worthwhile.