Nate Eagle

Front-End Developer

Game Review: Yuan Zhou on Kyu Cornucopia

One of the strange aspects of being a student of Yuan Zhou is that I get to see my games show up every so often in the American Go Association newsletter. These are games that we play in the afternoon during the monthly group go lessons. They’re tournament-style games, with 45 minutes on the clock for each player, and they’re handicapped according to our class ladder.

After all the games our finished, he reviews each one, which is a fantastic way to learn. Not only to I get to hear detailed feedback on my own moves and the moves of other players of similar ability, I get to ask questions immediately about points I don’t understand or other possibilities about which I’m curious.

This particular game was against a player who is ahead of me on the ladder and against whom I was one and one, though with a reverse komi each time. (Instead of adding handicap stones, we award reverse komis so that the game flows more like an even game.) I don’t find his style to be intimidating, but he has a way of whittling away at me with more accurate reading. This game I fell behind due to too-typical mistakes, but was able to come back later by cutting off one of his groups.

I hope you’ll enjoy my teacher’s comments; big thanks to Bill Cobb and Myron Souris for creating the game record. In the game record, the players are anonymized, but I hereby confess to playing black.