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  • Game Review: Nate vs. Matt

    Notes from a review by Yuan Zhou on a game I played against my younger brother, Matt.

  • Half-Point Loss

    Comments from Yuan Zhou on a game I lost by half a point.

  • Six stones vs. Shifu

    Spoiler alert: I lose.

  • Nine Stones

    A story from one of my first experiences at a go club.

  • Friendship Games 2013

    The kifu from my game in this year's friendship games.

  • Go Weekend at Diego's

    I spent the weekend duking it out with my friend Diego and three of his colleagues over the go board.

  • Tons of work to create something incredibly lame

    In which I am a horrible monster who looks on from afar and criticizes someone else's work.

  • Things to avoid when giving presentations

    After attending the recent An Event Apart in DC, I'd like to present you with a brief list of things to avoid in presentations.

  • GoKibitz: Building an SGF viewer from scratch

    The trials and tribulations of building a simple tool for displaying go game records, as well as an initial demo.

  • Workshop game against a new little brother

    A game against a fellow Nate who is forced to go by Nathan because I got here first, dammit.

  • Game Review: Yuan Zhou on Kyu Cornucopia

    Yuan Zhou reviews a game between me and another player at our monthly group lesson.

  • Import a Whole Directory with Sass (Using Grunt)

    Use a custom task for Grunt JS to give you directory imports for your Sass files.

  • Automatic, Grunt-Project-Based GNU Screen Setup

    Wish list: the ability to type screen in the root directory of a Grunt project to start up a screen session with screens automatically set up for the key files.

  • Go Game Review from Yuan Zhou

    Notes from a review of one of my recent games on KGS.

  • Blog Redesign

    I redesigned the blog because why blog about things when you could just endlessly fiddle with code?

  • Sharpening the Vim

    A collection of helpful things I've recently learned about the world's vimmiest text editor.

  • Animate Anything With jQuery's .animate()

    jQuery's .animate() function is closely wedded to CSS properties, but you can use a fake CSS property along with the step function to animate absolutely anything.

  • Easier Post Creation for Jekyll with Bash

    Adding new posts in Jekyll is a lot easier with a bash script to generate the date, create the file, and add the necessary YAML automatically.

  • Color Ripples: a Canvas Toy

    In which the presentation of a simple canvas visualization sparks sad remembrance of my highschool math education.

  • My First Compass Mixin: Text-3d

    So I started using Compass because Chris Eppstein himself told me via a tweet that I should check it out. (I mentioned SASS in a tweet, and Mr. Eppstein seems to be as dedicated a promoter as he is talented a developer.) Compass is pretty fantastic, though I will menition...

  • Jekyll not parsing includes?

    This blog is hosted on GitHub and powered by Jekyll, a “blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby” that GitHub uses. Think of it as a way to build a blog that allows for some dynamic templating but is entirely driven by files. Quick tangent: if you build sites for a...

  • How to output curly brackets in Jekyll

    It’s the little things that trip you up, right? Turns out it’s not super easy to just output curly brackets / braces in combination with % symbols in Jekyll, which uses Liquid templates, for the not-crazy reason that these are used for its templating language. But if you want to...

  • Upholstery: a CSS3 Pattern

    By now, you’ve seen Lea Verou’s CSS3 Patterns Gallery. I really dug it when I saw it a few months ago. There are some nice patterns in there (carbon & Japanese cube are my favorites) and I love generating graphics with code. CSS gradient syntax made my brain hurt, though,...

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I’m a front-end developer living in Washington, DC. I’m a go player, father, and a big fan of cappucinos.